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1.1 Features

Good anti-corrosion: each valve body shell is made of nylon anti-aging plastic, and the valve core components are made of anti-corrosion materials such as stainless steel;

Strong adaptability: the working pressure and joint specifications are matched with most boom sprayers, which facilitates the installation of various boom sprayers;

Strong stability: The cable connection joint adopts waterproof treatment to prevent short circuit, open circuit, unstable circuit and other circuit failures.


1.2 Purpose and scope of application

The LC-19A series of intelligent spray control systems are mainly used in conjunction with boom sprayers for precise and quantitative spraying of chemical herbicides, pesticides or micro-fertilizers. It is widely used in plant protection operations of cotton, corn, soybean, wheat, rice, potato and other crops, Chinese herbal medicine, pasture and other plants, and other agronomic spraying operations. Other operations are contrary to the intended use of the machine. Please strictly abide by the use, maintenance and repair conditions specified by our company, as well as the basic requirements for the intended use.


1.3 important hint

Like other farming tools, the use conditions of the boom sprayer must be complied with under any circumstances. The main restrictions are as follows:



1.4Technical characteristics

Main technical performance

project index
Error value between actual spray volume and set spray volume W 5

The main technical parameters

Parameter name Value Unit
Working pressure zone 0. 1-1. 0 Mpa
Allowable operating speed range 1-30 Km/h
Controllable range of spray amount per hectare 50-2000 Liter/Litre (Note: 1 kg/mu = 15 Liter/Litre)
Controllable interval of flow rate per minute 10-200 Liter/Min
Operating Voltage 12、24 12 Volt


Brief introduction of intelligent spray control system function

The intelligent spray control system has three working states:

In the automatic state, the spraying volume per hectare (the spray volume) set by the user is controlled to control the spraying, running faster and spraying more, running slow and spraying less, stopping and not spraying, and the spraying volume per unit area is balanced.

In the manual state, it can be sprayed under normal pressure, just like a traditional sprayer

In the closed state, the system cuts off the flow to the nozzle, so that the liquid medicine returns to the medicine tank, which plays a role of stirring

The system monitors the driving speed, flow, and pressure in real time and counts the total work area, total flow, total distance, and total time.



The water pump, filter, regulator, pressure relief valve, and piping system on the sprayer need to be provided by the sprayer manufacturer.

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The company has been engaged in the design and manufacture of plastic molds for more than 20 years, with various metal processing equipment and injection molding machines, and specializes in the design and manufacture of precision plastic molds. 


Performance Parameters

Rated Voltage


Rated Power


Rated Speed


Unload Speed


Unload Current


Self-lock Torque


Gear Ratio


Protection Class


Insulation Class


Motor Noise


Motor Weight


Motor Cable

450mm 8P

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