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Precision Spray Control System

Professional manufacturer of maintenance-free sealed battery safety valves, rubber caps, pole washers, flat washers, O-shaped washers, acid fillers, air filters (micro-pore plastic) and storage battery copper terminals, etc.

keywords:Various types of nozzles Filter and filter screen

Product Detail

● High pressure filter 20bar

● Can be equipped with 50 mesh, 80 mesh filter

● 6-point thread, G1/2 thread

Name Specification
6 points nut
Can match
Z0613 Z0616 Z0619
W0613 W0616 W0619
1 inch nut
Can match
Z1020 Z1025  
W1020 W1025  
1.2 inch nut
Can match
Z1225 Z1232  
W1225 W1232  
1.5 inch nut
Can match
Z1532 Z1538  
W1532 W1538  
2.0 inch nut
Can match
Z2038 Z2050  
W2038 W2050  

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